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The Pods

Navigate the journey from manuscript to a widely-read book

Activities: Collaborative sessions leveraging the expertise of member authors, publishers, and marketers. Guest workshops from industry-leading publishers, editors, and book marketing specialists.

Elevate your podcasting endeavors from conception to broad audience reach.

Activities: Utilizing the insights of member podcasters and audio technicians. Inviting renowned podcasters and audio engineers for specialized sessions.

Integrate cutting-edge technology for brand and business growth.

Activities: Harnessing the knowledge of tech-savvy members within the incubator. Special sessions with tech and AI industry leaders to stay ahead of the curve.

Orchestrate impactful events, from intimate workshops to grand conferences.

Activities: Collaborative planning sessions tapping into the experience of member event planners and speakers. Guest sessions with event management professionals for added insights.

Sculpt a distinct personal brand and master self-promotion

Activities: Brainstorming and strategy sessions with member branding experts and marketers. Invitations to top branding and marketing professionals for deeper dives.

Expand and nurture a robust professional network.

Activities: Regular networking events to foster collaborations among members. Guest sessions with networking gurus to refine connection-building skills.

Share and gain expertise in a collaborative environment.

Activities: Members offer training sessions in their areas of proficiency, such as NLP, public speaking, and more. I’ll identify and bridge any knowledge gaps by bringing in external experts, ensuring the community has access to a comprehensive skill set. This pod is about mutual empowerment, where every member both teaches and learns, elevating the collective expertise of the group.

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