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Some of Our Founding Members

Michelle Mras

Award-winning Global TEDx Keynote Speaker, Executive Speaking Coach, co-Host of the Denim & Pearls podcast, a 13X Best selling Author, host of MentalShift on TNC, Actress & Recording Artist.  

Dr. Michelle Mras is a resilience and leadership expert. Her passion is in stage presence and harnessing one’s personal story to amplify personal branding.

Her background is in Industrial engineering, marketing management, banking, quality systems management, benefit-auctioneering, fundraising, political campaigning and a plethora of life experiences. 

Ken Rochon

Ken Rochon is an accomplished entrepreneur of over 30 years with Absolute Entertainment, published author of eight books, including Becoming the Perfect Networker, 

Jennifer Baker

Jennifer Baker is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, high-performance business/organization and policy expert, award-winning international speaker, leadership developer, trainer, 3X Best Selling Author, podcast and radio host, recognized by and a contributor to multiple media sources, and appreciates many other titles such as a relentless advocate for truth and good.

Simon Hedley

For more than two decades he’s been the ultimate connector behind the scenes making the difference for people and projects. His clients call him “The Strategic Alchemist” for his unique blend of creativity and strategic insight as he combines his solid banking experience with incredible intuition. He’s the author of Chaos To Clarity and host of the award-winning Pause Stop Reset Podcast. 

Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes is a former US Navy Nuclear power plant operator on a Submarine, Navy diver, risk management director, technology enthusiast, business growth expert, advisor and management consultant. Mr. Barnes sits on the boards of startup companies, runs a venture fund, supports non-profits supporting military vets, and spends most of his time helping CEOs and founders of growing companies automate, systemize, and scale to 8 and 9-figure valuations 

Brian Muldoon

Since 2013, Brian has specialized in guiding high achievers and business owners over 40 to excel in business, health, relationships, and personal growth, leveraging his deep passion for transformative coaching. Brian is best known for his unwavering commitment in helping people to get the clarity they need to show up as their most capable and confident self.

Ken Ashby and Maris Segal

 They combine their relationship marketing and mindset expertise with the power of head & heart leadership to build meaningful relationships & strategies that drive their client’s impact. As “America’s Master Connectors,” From boardrooms to classrooms and Heads of State they have worked across the public and private sectors in nearly forty countries. 

Carey Conley

Carey Conley is a renowned speaker and entrepreneur, helping leaders and business owners create transformative visions. With a successful career spanning 30 years, she aims to empower individuals to make a significant impact on those they lead. Conley’s personal story, marked by both success and tragedy, adds depth to her message, inspiring others to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Fiona Campbell

Fiona’s passion is help people develop the language and behaviour skills for enhancing their communicating, motivating, leading, coaching and influencing skills. She achieves this through making NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) skills that are simple to learn and easy to apply. For over 30 years she has been working with coaches and business leaders internationally both in person and online.

Janice Muldoon

Business coach, online marketing expert, copywriter and co-founder of One-Result. Janice works with a broad range of clients, her primary role is to help my clients grow and scale their businesses.

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy is an International Speaker and Coach who teaches people to be thought leaders and thoughtful leaders. She has authored and co-authored 14 books, and her clients have written and published over 1000 books. A native New Yorker, Mindy currently resides in the UK where she runs The Book Midwife®️ award-winning book coaching brand and The Thoughtful Leader consultancy business.

Dr Krystylle Richardson

Dr. Krystylle, known as “The Untapped Income Coach” and “The Wealth Innovation Strategist,” is an international best-selling author, dynamic speaker, humanitarian, and ordained minister. With a background in Industrial Engineering, she operates globally, inspiring individuals to transform creativity into cash flow. Featured in Yahoo Finance and USA Today, Dr. Krystylle has spoken in over 40 countries and is a knighted Dame in the Royal Order of Constantine the Great and Saint Helen.

Diana Kelly

Seasoned promotions/marketing expert and master connector who works with humanitarian, philanthropic and transformational clients in all genres. An alumna of Michigan State University, Diana has been providing prestigious connections for over twenty-five years to friends, clients, organizations and business associates, and has masterly cultivated a priceless “golden” rolodex of soulful entrepreneurs, artists,

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